Basic Terms and Venue Specific Locations

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Basic Terms and Venue Specific Locations

Post by Andy (Admin) on Wed Jul 22, 2015 9:47 pm

If a location room has something in parentheses after it's title it indicates some special rulings or perhaps primary locations for a venue. If the title is a specific venue then that venue holds power there. It is within their rights to act upon you as they see fit. The law can't touch them in these places unless pre-approved. Other players may play in these venues but they must understand that playing in these locations puts the player's characters at that venue and the venue head's mercy. Most rulings regarding the specified venue and an intruding venue will end favorably for those whose venue was intruded upon. Make sense? I hope so.

Day and Night-  Each Location will have a Daytime and Nighttime Sub category. Unless not open during the day or night. For these locations all rules apply to venues that are specifically affected by such things. You know who you are.

Any- are free for anyone to play in and most often will be public venues that house many mortals. People who don't know about the monsters that prey amongst them.

Elysium- Vampires Only, A specifically no Violence location deemed safe by the Prince. Violence here will likely bring about swift and lethal recourse.
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