A brief History and current description

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A brief History and current description

Post by Andy (Admin) on Sun Jul 26, 2015 9:06 pm

Meridian is a fictional city in Missouri. Founded in the 1600's and became a railroad city. It flourished as a major crossroads between the east and west coast. It is larger than NYC and worse than Detroit as far as crime and poverty. There is still an elite upper class. The wealthy remained wealthy and the powerful remain powerful and both are equally as corrupt in many cases. This city is dangerous, the unthinkable can and often does happen. It's not uncommon for most to peak over their shoulder on a brisk walk home after dark. It's not out of place to end up kidnapped or worse. The question begs to be asked why would anyone live here. Maybe you are the good guys, the white knights , maybe you are stuck with no ways, means or place to go. Perhaps you thrive on the despair and still call this place home out of sheer desire to stay.

The story isn't only about who and what you are in this city but how do you survive? I want the setting to be fleshed out by the players backgrounds. So you bought status in police , maybe a connection in the media. Maybe you're a rockstar or a thug or ,a drug dealer who caters to the wealthy. Perhaps you're a seedy strip club owner, perhaps you're the stripper. It doesn't matter to me as long as the points add up.Tell me about these people give me your ideas. Lets see where this goes. I will update the city information based on who it is you as players create. Based on your input we will build the city together. You run a strip club and want your own thread I'll make it! Your are a detective for the police , post in the MPD thread. I hope you get the point feel free to message me with any questions at any time.
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