Ansley Underwood Character Background and Journal.

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Ansley Underwood Character Background and Journal.

Post by Andy (Admin) on Thu Jul 23, 2015 8:22 pm

BWAAAAH BWAAAH BWAAAH The alarm clock sounded loudly as a hand slapped drunkenly upon it feeling for the raised ellipse of the snooze button and pressing down. The obnoxiously loud sound cut off abruptly. Ansley rolled face down into the pillow with a saddening groan. The sun streamed through the window of his small studio apartment right near the Williamsburg bridge. His sheets drenched from the far too common nightmares that plagued his sleep. The sheets wrapped around his muscular legs and body tightly from tossing and turning.His torso was slim yet very toned. His skin was a tawny brown. He wore only white boxer briefs and a wifebeater which clung uncomfortably with sweat. His hair was dark brown and in a messy knot on the back of his head. He laid there for a few moments working up the willpower to swing his legs from the bed and place them on the cooler finished concrete floor. Its surface smooth and chilled beneath his feet. He stumbled bleary eyed toward the bathroom feeling for the small silver cross he wore around his neck.He turned on the the faucet at the pedestal sink and rested a palm on either side of its basin. He looked in the mirror at his face briefly before leaning into the sink and splashing the cool water onto his cheeks. Letting his hands move down his neck to cool the flesh that was sticky with perspiration. Ansley opened the medicine cabinet and retrieved a small pill vial. Opening it he dropped a small oval pill into his hand. He took it swallowing it down without water while he filled a small glass and drank it quickly. He closed his eyes inhaling deeply attempting to calm his already wound nerves , before turning the water off. He moved to the shower and began to let the water run. As it warmed he began to get undressed.

A short time later Ansley was dressed and leaving the bathroom. He was dressed plainly though his clothes fit well. He wore snug fit boot cut blue jeans and a plain white v-neck t-shirt. Brown square toe boots on his feet and of course the small silver cross he never took off. He grabbed a messenger bag , his camera, his lenses, he grabbed his keys and opened the door. Stepping out into the hall of the rundown apartment building he currently called home , he looked around briefly while locking his door. He could hear two neighbors screaming at each other one floor up. The neighbor across the hall had some loud techno music thumping and a group of punk rockers stood in the hallway smoking and bobbing their heads to the bass. Ansley sighed as he locked the three locks to his apartment. He still hadn't grown to love this city. Everyday for the last 2 years this was his life and he still let his mind wander back to the farm in Coffeyville Kansas. The place he called home.

Ansley had to leave that sleepy little town. Sometimes its hard to forget when you're in a place where you find memories around every corner. There was always someone there who was .."So sorry about your parents." or "How are you holding up." . Ever since the night of that "accident" when he was a sophomore in high school. Ever since his parents had died, it was like the whole town was just waiting for him to fall apart. He couldn't though, he was officially old enough to care for himself in the eyes of child services and that's just what he had to do, breaking down wasn't an option. He had only himself and a new found desire to uncover the truth about that night , about all the weird things that happen that get covered up. It was no accident. They were on their way home from family dinner and movie night, A tradition they held very dear. Every year since he could remember his parents would go out to the local drive in theater after packing a basket full of homemade fried chicken, fresh fruit, corn on the cob. They would all sit in the back of his father's SUV on pillows and blankets and watch a movie while they ate.

He was sitting in the back seat of the 4 door explorers cab looking at his cell-phone. Apparently he and Lucas were breaking up... again. It happened so regularly now he could almost time it. He had known Lucas since they were five years old. They had grown up together. Lucas grew into the star athlete homecoming king type, there was one small catch though Lucas was gay and Ansley was his boyfriend. Where Ansley and his parents had come to terms with this a few years ago. Lucas was still too scared to even admit it to himself.Every few weeks lately especially as they neared their senior year and the quest for popularity and scholarships would consume them Lucas found the pressure too much and would dump Ansley, this time though Ansley wasn't going to take him back. Ansley's mom reached back to pat his leg gently as his father regarded him in the rearview mirror, not with judgemental eyes but with caring compassion. Ansley was sure he had the best parents in all the world. His mom was in the middle of giving her familiar , yet appreciated "He will come around but you don't have to wait for him , you're still young." speach. He looked up as something caught the attention of his unique amber eyes in the street , right in front of them a man was standing. Ansley shouted "Lookout!"

His dad slammed on the breaks and turned the wheel to try to avoid the man but it was too late. The jeep slammed into the figure and instead of hearing the sound of a thud, the night was filled with the sound of rending metal as the the SUV slammed into him flipping over as if it had struck a telephone pole , it sailed into the air landing top down. The air around ansley exploded with shattering glass as they were violently rocked around inside the cab. The ceiling of the vehicle crushed inward as the vehicles weight was now bearing down on it. The jeep spun around a few times before everything came to a silent halt, the smell of blood filled the air. Ansley hadn't realized it but he had been unconscious, his eyes opened as the pain from his injuries woke him. His vision blurry from blood that ran into his eyes from a gash on his cheek. His eyes immediately went to the front seat. "Mom! Dad!" He tried to shout but his voice was harsh and broken. He could make out his father in the front seat but his mother was not in her seat.He began to realize his whole world was upside down and he was hanging from the seat by his seat belt. "Where's Mom , Dad? Dad? What happened , did we hit him?" He looked now towards the passenger seat and there laying in the street was a crumpled form.

The body looked broken and wrong. Its limbs bent in impossible directions. How had a person flipped the vehicle though, just as his mind could think the though a hand shot up with the sickening sound of bone re-breaking as it twisted itself around. Then another arm shot up bending and snapping as the form began to slowly rise from the ground. Ansley could feel himself trying to scream as he watched this happen. A sense of dread washed over him, turning his stomach. His father was there then in between him and the figure reaching through the broken rear window. "Ansley when I get you out of here run and don't look back. Find a house, call for help.Do you understand me?" He said in a flurry of forcefully whispered words. He could still hear the snapping of bone behind his father." Ansley put your hands on the roof and push up your seat belt is stuck." Ansley did what his father said and lifted himself with trembling arms. He heard the sound of the seatbelt click and before he could fall his father pulled him from the vehicle and put him on the ground. Ansley saw the figures leg snap forward from an awkward backward facing position and then the figure took an ominous step forward. Ansley's father put his hands on Ansley's arm's kissed his forehead and said "I love you son, now RUN!" Ansley knew somehow he would never see his father again but he listened and he ran , it was painful , his body felt mangled, but terror drove his body. He ran until he saw a farm house. Crossing the large lawn he began banging on the door begging for help, as he began to sob, slumping to the porch before the door had even opened , he continued knocking with bloody knuckles until the door open and when he saw the familiar face of the elderly Claire Eaton. He fell unconscious.

Ansley snapped back to present day. He had been walking down the crowded sidewalk letting his mind relive the events of that night like he did every night in his sleep. He clenched his jaw shaking the images from his head as he focused on the day ahead of him. He wasn't that scared teanager anymore. He was a budding investigative reporter with a few connections in the right places, a eager yet usually wrong counterpart. He was earning a name for himself, he was that guy, you know the one who looked into the weird cases. The ones that generally made people feel crazy when they talked about them. He arrived at the corner cafe that Henry had insisted they meet at , almost every day. They would exchange leads, discuss cases and also discuss any new findings.
Henry Oldman was late as usual. Ansley took a seat at their usual table drinking a coffee, black. He pulled a small tablet with a detachable keyboard from his messenger bag and opened it, waiting for the screen to blink to life. A chill swept down his spine and he glanced over his shoulder briefly, the hairs rising on the back of his neck. His eyes found nothing unusual and just as the chill faded the screen lit up with the windows home screen and he navigated his way to the case file. Currently he had been investigating a particularly dangerous murderer who killed his victims brutally in front of a webcam and uploaded it to the popular video hosting site, YouTube, It was like he was taunting the police. Detective Johnson with the MPD had come to Ansley in hopes he might have some idea. The detective knew that in order to get answers he would need to find someone who was willing to bend the law a little bit and that person was Ansley. There had been other cases in the past that Ansley had helped with and he had begun to earn a name for himself among the other police officers as well.

Ansley purused his evidence, opening a map of the city he added two more pin points to the image to represent Skinner's latest victims. Detective Johnson had given him some of the crime scene photos as well. It was far too early to look at the images though. He was reviewing some of the information uncovered at the crime scene while looping a blurred video of the man who called himself Skinner right before his most recent attack. He was so lost in thought he startled when Henry finally arrived. The bloated red faced Henry sat down with a smug smile , a convenience store bearclaw pastry clutched in his chubby little fingers.
"Your late." Ansley said his honey colored eyes regarded him , slightly annoyed.
"Yeah Ans but it was for a good reason. I think I got an important lead on the case." Henry chuckled pridefully. Ansley seemed dubious.
"Thats what you said the last 5 times, what do you have for me this time?"
"So get this there was this kid , says he was a friend of the last victim. He said he saw the man that did it just minutes from here." His sticky finger touched the map on the computer screen leaving a smudge. Ansley wiped it away with a sigh.
"So what makes you think we can trust this contact?" Ansley asked cocking his head to study his face.
"He just seemed like a trustworthy type of kid. Thats what my gut tells me." reasoned Henry.
"Your gut thinks of something besides pastries huh?" Ansley asked but he smiled anyway. He gave Henry a hard time because he was often wrong, but he was Ansley's friend and his features softened.
"You want to go with me?" Ansley asked cocking his head.
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