The Basics (WIP)

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The Basics (WIP)

Post by Andy (Admin) on Wed Jul 22, 2015 11:49 pm

Character Creation is going to start with the basic creation rules from the core books for creating a level one character. Experience will be awarded by other players participating in a scene or thread, when that scene concludes or completes. Each player can award one exp to another player and no player can earn more than 3 exp per scene/thread.

Please feel free to create dynamic characters. We are going to need a reason to involve each other in another our own plot and they are gonna need a reason for us to become involved in theirs. Keep in mind this will be Role-Playing vs. Roll-Playing. Also try and be kind to the other players. The goal isn't to kill each other the moment the curtain raises but to create a rich drama/ and dark horror. Feel free to run personal plots, create antagonists but play by the rules! I will review any event that comes up and decide who is in the right and who is in the wrong as I see fit and involving my character I expect you all to do the same. I'm a reasonable person and hope you all are too. I will not tolerate heated arguments over a game and creative outlet.

Once your characters have been created post a background and a character picture in the Character BG and Fiction thread with your Character Name as the title. Feel free to update the thread with journal entries, art work, personal fiction, downtime actions. See Ansley Underwood

Once your sheet is created copy and paste the template under each sheet, some I still need to type up, let me know and I can review it and open a handout that you will use for your sheet on roll20. It has to be a private handout because Roll20 won't let me add multiple sheets.

Now you're ready to begin play. Go to the Around Town thread and pick a location or create your own and post what your character might be doing. Also see the rules for Venue specific labeled rooms in the first post under Around Town.
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